Sons of Oil Ministry 

School of the Prophets 

Your a Spirit Being operating as a Human Being

About Gary Pentecost, Founder

I established the School of the Prophets in Springfield, Illinois in 2018 it is a training center to teach the saints to prophecy from the books of destiny.  The books contain your past, present and future, so you can fulfill your destiny here on earth.  You signed a contract with God before you entered your mothers womb, but when you came out of the womb your soul took charge and block what you and God agreed on.  That is the reason it is so important to tap into your books so you can get on the right path to fulfill your destiny.


I excepted the Lord Jesus Christ at the age of 12 years old.  I am now 71 years old and I have learned more about who I am since 2000.  I went into the ministry at the age of 22 years old with the Southern Baptist.  The Lord has given me the privilege as serving as Pastor, Youth Pastor, Evangelist, Prophet of the House, Director of a Homeless Mission, Teacher in Christian Schools and Director of a Prophetic School.  

My Mission and Vision

My vision is to Raise Up Mature Sons so they would be able to overcome the things of this earth.  Also teach them how to step into the Kingdom realm as Sons and how to step through the veil as a priest and king.  How to be translated to heaven and walk as a Spirit Being and not a human being.